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Casting methods
Centrifugal casting
Continuous casting
Sand casting /
Model form casting

Finish machining


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Our quality products help our customers secure their often exposed market positioning in the respective industries. They stand for reliability, durability and the highest level of precision.

Our products are as heterogeneous as our clients and the respective application areas. The single common factor is our high quality standard.

To date, we have specialized in the following product groups:

Construction and engineering sector:
  • Bearing bushes
  • Divided bushes
  • Bearing seats
  • Annuli
  • Discs

Coal and steel industry:
  • Hinged blocks
  • Oiling rings
  • Screw-down nuts
  • Wear strips and plates

Transmission manufacturing:
  • Worm gears
  • Rims
  • Section wheels

Electro industry:
  • Short circuit rings
  • Abrasive rings
  • Casings

Pump industry:
  • Rotor discs
  • Pump housings
  • Sealing rings

Glass mould manufacture:
  • Tools for apertures
  • Tools for bases

Finish machining Materials

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